Dr. Arnstein’s music has been performed throughout the Midwest and in England and Scotland, including the Edinburgh International Festival. In 1991 he won the Gold Medal for best composition in all categories at the Roodeport, South Africa, International Festival Composition Competition, for his work for chamber orchestra, Variations on a Theme by Mozart (click to listen) . Between 1986 and 1990 he was pianist and composer-in-residence for the Sylmar Chamber Ensemble, (flute, oboe, bassoon, and piano) for whom he composed thirteen major works. They performed his works and arrangements in sixty concerts per year throughout the Midwest. (Read Reviews)

    Dr. Arnstein’s teaching and performing pieces for children have been performed in the Midwest to public acclaim and have been well-reviewed in Music Teacher magazines.

    Manduca Music Publications in the United States and Spartan Press have published some of Dr. Arnstein’s works. Some works are also available on sheetmusicplus.com.