Piano Works



Carmen Variations 2012 (Fantasy on Horowitz encore)


Dark Alleys 2013, 9 film noir pieces


Jim Jam Jelly Sonata 1988, 2013


Danse Macabre  1992-1995  

       Virtuoso arrangement for small hands


Variations on a theme by Mozart (k. 331), 1991                                          

         Orchestra version won international competition in South Africa


Honky-Tonk Fantasy & Chase after a Spinning Coin   1990                                                          

Three Period Sonatas 1994      

              Baroque-ish Sonata

              Mozartean Sonata     

              Beethovenian Sonata


Bach Prelude in E Major  2002, 20112                                                       

              Virtuoso transcription of violin prelude à la Rachmaninoff


Slow Rain on a Grey Lake & Caught in the Rain 2001                                                                     

Hawking Radiation 2006                                                       

Rhapsody in Lavender 2004                                                                     

Berceuse & Barcarolle 2003