Instrumental Pieces
Dr. Arnstein's pieces have a contemporary yet classic approach: "As a composer, I combine 20th century intricate and precise architectural structures with complex but catchy rhythms and classically beautiful tones and melodies."

Piano Pieces
Peter Arnstein's works for the piano reflect his own virtuosity. Many pieces show the influence of jazz; all incorporate his interest in complex rhythms combined with traditional forms.

Teaching Pieces
Dr. Arnstein's teaching and performing pieces for children have been performed in the Midwest to public acclaim and have been reviewed in professional music magazines (read reviews). A principal tenet in these pieces is to bring student performers into the twenty-first century, while linking them to the classical traditions of the past.

CD Recordings
Dr. Arnstein's solo CDs demonstrate his breadth of repertoire, from the virtuosic keyboard music of the 16th and 17th century virginal, the harpsichord music of Bach and Scarlatti, the Viennese classical pieces of Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert, and the 19th century Romantic piano repertoire which can be extended to include Debussy, Scriabin, Rachmaninoff, and Messiaen.

The violin and piano CDs of Michael Antonello and Peter Arnstein emphasize the 19th century Romantic repertoire combined with the pungent seasoning of 21st century Arnstein.